Parish Mission Statement:

Sacred Heart Church, Cambria Heights is a diverse, vibrant, family united in faith.  Drawing from our rich cultural backgrounds, we proclaim Christ as Lord. Celebrate His living presence in the Sacraments, and serve others in His name.


Parish Origin:

In 1936 a group of Catholic families living in Cambria Heights found it more and more difficult to bring their families to Mass in Elmont, St. Albans and Rosedale.  Several women canvassed the area and collected names on a petition, which they sent to the Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn, Most Rev. Thomas E. Molloy.  In June of 1936 Father George A. Dawson was sent by Bishop Molloy to found a parish in Cambria Heights.  Fr. Dawson could not find a building large enough to accommodate the number of people who expressed an interest in attending Mass, so he erected a tent and on Sunday June 21, 1936 celebrated the first Sunday Masses in Sacred Heart Parish.

Since June of 1936, Sacred Heart Parish has been a home to the Catholic community in Cambria Heights.  Gathering for worship, religious education, prayer and community life; serving the needs of young and old; growing and changing with the make up of the community, listed below are some of the events and people who have shaped our parish for the last 80 years.



Pastors of Sacred Heart

Msgr. George A Dawson 1936 - 1947

Msgr. Daniel U Hanrahan 1947 - 1970

Rev. James S Scott 1970 - 1971

Rev. John Toole 1971 - 1972

Rev. Gerard V Smith (Administrator) 1972 - 1976

Rev. Joseph M Nolan 1976 - 1997

Rev. Michael C Gribbon 1997 - 2007

Rev. Bryan D Patterson 2007 - 2013

Rev. Hilaire Belizaire 2013 - Present