Charismatic Prayer Groups

Prayer is an essential part of the Church’s devotional exercises.  The charismatic movement has taken prayer to an extremely high level of expression of devotion to the Holy Spirit.  The movement hosts annual “Life in the Spirit” seminars as a means of introducing itself to new members.  Pope John Paul II has recognized the value of prayer as engaged in by members of the charismatic movement and especially the need to recognize the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Sacred Heart has two charismatic groups.

The English Charismatic Group

 This group meets on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM,  in St. Martin De Porres Center .  Come; join in praise, worship, bible study, prayer and song. For information, contact Mr. Mike Mekako (718) 712-0793 or Ms. Claudette Archer (718) 217-1982.

The English group includes the Healing Ministry which meets every Friday evening for intercessory prayer (lifting up those in need of healing) and remembering the suffering.  The group devotes the first Friday of the month to devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, Our Healer.  One seeking prayer from the group is invited to the Wednesday evening meeting. Following the meeting, the group offers prayers for the person for one or two weeks.  It also offers daily Mass for the person. It is suggested that the person go to confession.  For further information leave a message for Ms. Uris McKay at the rectory, (718) 528-0577.

The Book Ministry is also a part of the English Charismatic Group. The members’ mission is to further evangelize within our church community by providing easily accessible religious items for our parishioners at reasonable cost after each Mass.  All profits are contributed to the parish funds raising activity.    For further information, contact Ms. Claudia Ashby at (718) 712-7154.

The Creole Charismatic Prayer Group (Agape) 

Agape helps the community remain connected to the “Source of all things” by holding weekly sessions of adoration and praise.  The group meets on Fridays at 7:30 pm in the Martin de Porres Center, except the first Friday of the month when it meets for Mass in the Church   For information contact Mr. Maurice Nelson at (718) 939-7147. 

The Rosary Altar Society

The Rosary Altar Society is a group whose members have chosen to make and live a life consecrated to Jesus through Mary. It’s purpose is primarily to promote Mary’s mission of bringing us into the love of Christ by following her example of discipleship.  The society promotes Marian devotions especially the rosary devotion, hoping that meditations and reflection on the mysteries of the rosary will bring us into the reality of Christ’s love.

Altar functions include maintenance of vessels and linen for Masses both in the Church and chapel and maintaining floral arrangements on the altars of both places of worship.  The society is in need of members to fulfill these services.  In order to become a member of the Rosary Altar Society, one should register with the society.  For more information contact Ms. Terry Tobias.

The Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is the largest Lay Apostolic Association of Catholic men and women, approved by the Church.  It is organized under the guidance of Mary Immaculate with a member of the clergy as a spiritual director.  Members of the Legion strive for personal sanctity through prayer and service.  They make Mary known throughout the world. The members meet every Sunday for 1 1/2 hours to pray, receive such instructions and assignments as: visiting the homebound, residents in nursing homes and hospitals, and the newly baptized.  Assignments also include the prison ministry, assisting and consoling the needy, bringing lapsed Catholics back to the Church, encouraging and guiding families on receipt of  the sacraments. 

All Catholic men and women of at least 18 years of age, who want to live edifying lives in conformity with the Church, are encouraged to join.  The Legion of Mary also embraces youth membership.  For additional information, contact Mrs. Colette Cajoux at (718) 528-3166.

Le Relais Hugette Auger

Also known as Le Relais de Myriam, this is an international group of men and women who express their spirituality in the tradition of Myriam.  Through scripture study, prayer and instruction, they show their devotion to our Lord.  Members gather bi-monthly.  Periodically, they go on pilgrimages and retreats with the Sisters of Myriam. Members must be at least 18 years of age and have received the Sacraments of Initiation.  Recruitment for new members is conducted every three years.  For further information, contact Mrs. Marie S. St. Urbain at (718) 723-6555.