Seventh Sunday of Easter

1. The Bilingual 9-Day Novena to the Holy Spirit, which began on Friday, is every night in the church from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, until Saturday, May 23, 2015 in the Church. Let us make every effort to spend that hour in prayer, as we look forward to the coming afresh of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

2. This Sunday is the last confirmation class for any adult who has already been baptized and received First Communion and wish to be confirmed on Pentecost Sunday.  Please speak to Deacon Cajoux or Deacon Paul today. Class will be held in St Martin de Porres in English after the 10:00 AM Mass, and in Creole after the 12:45 PM Mass. Please provide your certificates of baptism and first communion. 

3. May 18th is Haitian Flag Day!  The celebration will be begin at the 12:45 PM Creole mass, and will continue in the auditorium immediately after.  Please join us! 

4. The Parish Legal Ministry’s informational workshops on Wills, Testament, and Bequests this Sunday will be at 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM in the auditorium. Attorneys will be available to answer all your related questions, and even help you draft a will, if you have not already done so.

5. Gloria Miller and Veronique Marcello will be commissioned as Lay Leaders for our parish on Thursday, May 21st at 7:00 PM at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in Brooklyn.

6. Richard Hurst will be ordained as Deacon on Saturday, May 23rd at 11:00 AM at St Joseph’s Co-Cathedral.  A Thanksgiving mass will be celebrated at the 10:00 AM Pentecost Mass next Sunday, May 24th, followed by a reception in the auditorium.  The entire parish is invited. 

7. We look forward to seeing the entire parish at the Pentecost Revival, next Sunday, May 24th at 4:30 PM in the Church.  The revival theme is “Led by the Spirit”.  Come and let the Holy Spirit revive you! 

8. The girl scouts will be selling cookies outside the church following today’s 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM masses.  We appreciate your support! 

9. Please be sure to pick up a copy of the bulletin for the Holy Week schedule of masses, confessions, prayer services, and other valuable resources and information for you and your family.  

1. 9 jou neuvènn bileng a Lespri Sen ki komanse vandredi yè a, ap fèt chak swa nan legliz la de 7è a 8è juska samdi 23 Me.  Ann pase ti tan sa a nan lapriyè pandan nap tan gwo fèt Lapannkot la.         

2. Jodi ya apre lamès nan St Martin de Porres ap gen dènye klas pou moun ti ta renmen resevwa sakreman Konfimasyon dimanch Lapanntkot nan pawas nou an. Wè ak Diak Paul oubyen Diak Cajoux tou swit.   Nap bezwen pou w pote sètifika batèm ou ak sètifika premyè Kominyon-w. 

3. Demen se 18 me fèt drapo nou an!  Nap di tout moun Bonn fèt!  Nap tan nou tout apre mès la nan oditoriòm nan pou gwo selebrasyon fèt drapo nou an.

4. Veronique Marcello ak Gloria Miller ap komisyone kòm lidè nan pawas la, Jedi 21 me a 7è diswa nan St Joseph Cathedral nan Brooklyn.

5. Richard Hurst ap òdone Dyak pou dyosèz la Samdi 23 Me a 11è nan maten, toujou nan Katedral St Joseph nan Brooklyn. Ap gen yon mès aksyon degras dimanch Lapannkot nan mès 10è a

6. Mem jou fèt Lapannkot la tou a 4:30 nan apre midi, nap tan tout moun nan rasambleman Lapannkot ak gwoup karismatik angle ya nan legliz la.

7. Pran yon copi bilten pawas pou anpil lòt enfòmasyon enpòtan pou wou ak fanmi w.