The sacristan is responsible for placing all the necessary vessels, linens, hosts and wine in the sanctuary and vestibule of the Church prior to the celebration of liturgy. After the liturgy is complete, the sacristan cleans and stores the above items in the sacristy. The sacristan also assists the celebrant with vesting if he so desires. Sacristans are blessed and approved for service by the Pastor.  For further information, contact Father Patterson.

Altar Servers

The primary function of an altar server is to light the candles on the altar, carry them in procession and during the solemn singing of the Gospel; carry the crucifix in procession; prepare wine and water for the sacrifice of the Mass; and, assist the sacred ministers at the Mass and during other public ceremonies.  All altar servers are commissioned by the Pastor but must have parental consent. For further information, contact Father Patterson.


Ushers are ministers of hospitality who play a key role in the living Body of Christ as the first contact believers have with the assembly when they arrive for Mass.  How Ushers greet and welcome both newcomers and longtime parishioners makes a world of difference in how people prepare for the liturgy about to take place.  They set an example for others.  Ushers are often closest to those who participate in the Mass.  Therefore, how the Ushers conduct themselves influences the manner in which the parishioners participate in the Mass.  The Ushers’ role is much more than seating people, taking collection and addressing problems that occur during the Mass.  Those selected to be Ushers are blessed and approved by the pastor.  For further information, contact Mr. Carl Dennis at (718) 712-7362