Gospel Choir

The music of the Sacred Heart Gospel Choir is a unique blend of our Black culture with our Catholicism.  We have managed to blend the beautiful sounds born of joy and suffering in bondage with the love we hold for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  While our music is uniquely Black, it also compliments and works to render our liturgy more beautiful without detracting from it or changing it in any manner.  For information contact Ms. Cynthia Sanders at (718) 949 1421.

Creole Choir

 Our Creole choir adds to the beauty of the Mass, singing in the Haitian Creole vernacular.  The beauty and versatility of their song is displayed during the Creole Mass and during bi-lingual events.  The Creole choir frequently blends its voices with those of the Gospel, Youth and Children's choirs making a truly unique and beautiful sound unto the Lord.  For information, contact Ms. Betsy Pierre-Louis or Mrs. Anne Marie Methalier (718) 740-8594.

Youth Choir

The Sacred Heart Youth Choir (for youth ages 13 – mid 20’s with energy, passion and purpose) ministers to the Lord by leading the church body in worship and praise to Jesus Christ during the 10:00 AM Sunday Mass.  The mass takes place on the 4th Sunday of each month.  As part of the Mass Choir, the Youth Choir often ministers at local inter-church and cluster events/services.  The Youth Choir also participates in concerts sponsored by the music ministry.

Rehearsals are held every Sunday from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM in the Fr. Nolan Unity Room – unless otherwise specified.  

Praise is what we do and praise is who we are!  “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”. 

For information, contact Mr. Richard Verley (718) 290-7082 or Mrs Cassandre Swiader (646) 318-3559

Children’s Choir

Like the Youth choir, the Children’s choir provides our young parishioners an opportunity to develop their voices and someday join the Gospel choir.  The children, from 6 to 13 years of age, sing at the 11 o’clock Mass. They train and practice with their own director who is dedicated to improving their skills.  The children of this choir must have parental consent.  For information contact Ms. Sandy Fox at (718) 712-3892.

Voix Des Anges (Creole Youth Choir)

"Voix Des Anges” (Voice of the Angels) is the Youth Creole Choir that provides musical leadership for the 12:45pm Creole mass on the second Sunday of every month. It is open to school-aged Youth from grades 1-12.  The minimum age requirement is 7 years old. . Rehearsals are held every Saturday from 4:00 to 6:00pm at Martin the Pores unless otherwise specified. For more information contact Christophe Leroy (347) 869-9792 or Kettly Joseph (917) 407-2334