2014 Annual Catholic Appeal Update:

The Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) is a critical funding source for all programs in the Diocese. Your generous contribution supports the essential ministries of the ACA which go beyond any single parish: Catholic Charities, Vocations Support, Catholic Migration Services, Catholic Schools Scholarship Assistance, Faith Formation, Chaplaincies, Parish Assistance and Care for Retired Priests, and more.

First, we sincerely THANK the 285 families who contributed to the 2014 ACA.  Here is an update regarding Sacred Heart parish ACA results as of February 6, 2015:  

The Sacred Heart parish 2014 ACA goal amount is $48,551.00.  Pledge amounts received above the goal amount are directly rebated back to Sacred Heart parish.  Thus far, the diocese has collected $81,222.68 of the $84,290.68 we have pledged to the ACA.  As a result, Sacred Heart parish will receive a $32,671 rebate from the diocese. 

(Note: please see the letter below from Bishop DiMarzio which acknowledges that Sacred Heart parishioner's have met the Annual Appeal goal amount.)

For convenience, pledges can be made online via the Diocese of Brooklyn web site:

1. Go to Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn Annual Catholic Appeal Donate page

2. Enter requested information (please make sure Designation value is Sacred Heart - Cambria Heights)

3. Enter Comments (suggested text "2014 Annual Catholic Appeal")

Please refer to the link below for further information on the 2014 Annual Catholic Appeal.

  2014 Annual Catholic Appeal site (Diocese of Brooklyn) 

2014 Annual Catholic Appeal site (Diocese of Brooklyn)