Community of God at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is one in faith, working together with reverence for God and with respect for one another.  The school strives to instruct, instill and inspire everyone to be productive Catholic members of society.

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy presents to its students the values and traditions of faith and incorporates them within every academic and extracurricular subject area and activity.  Each child is encouraged to appreciate his or her personal worth and value to the community of God’s people.  The educational policy calls for participation on the part of parents, teachers and priests in the formation and evaluation of curriculum guidelines in conjunction with state and diocesan mandates.   The school endeavors to instruct its children in the basic skills to serve as tools in the development of their God-given talents and gifts.

Sacred Heart has always made building relationships a priority.  The Buddy System is one excellent example of a way in which the school simultaneously teaches students about responsibility, caring for others and building confidence, security and trust in one another.  The Buddy System is a program where middle-school students, in grades five through eight, are paired with elementary students from nursery to fourth grade.  The Big Buddies do everything from helping escort their younger partners to church, to making sure that they are buttoned and zipped up and free of runny noses.  They even spend time with each other at lunch and recess, supervising, opening milk cartons and fruit cup containers and playing circle games, like Blue Bird or Going to Kentucky.  It is a part of everyday school life at Sacred Heart.

Students are also urged to participate in parish and community life.  Involvement in the Altar Servers Guild, the Teen Club, Jesus’ Friends, Teen Fire, the children’s and youth choirs and the Boy or Girl Scouts are ways in which students become involved with the parish community outside the classroom.  The girls of the school have formed a group named Holy Happy Feet; they worship and praise the Lord through dance.  Music is an integral part of life at Sacred Heart, as every student from nursery to grade eight has access to an instrument; nursery to first graders play rhythm instruments, while grades two through six play recorder and grades six through eight play brass instruments like the saxophone, trombone or trumpet.

For further information, please call the school office at 718 527-0123